Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Creative uses for Zip-loc style bags....

We all know about using Zip-loc type bags for food storage, but what about other uses?  Here are some suggestions:

Keeping the Kids and Grand kids happy....

Put several pages or a coloring book and crayons in individual bags/child.  You can print out themed coloring pages from sites like Coloringbookfun.com.

Organize your travel games as they often have small pieces into individual bags.

Then, compile them into a larger bag for your convenience.

You know all those little pieces can get under-foot.  Store them in the closet or keep them in bags for quick trips in the car.

Keeping moist things....moist:

Keep a moist washcloth in the car, your purse, diaper bag, etc for those awkward moments....

Even though Play-dough comes with caps, you often need an extra layer of protection to keep them moist.  Also, all those little play sets and molds can be kept organized in little bags.

Who doesn't hate working on a project only to find that one or more of your markers have dried up?

These can go dry if they get a small puncture while being stored.  Take that extra step and seal them up in a bag.

Protecting important things.....

We have a container that keeps all our important documents.  So, in the case of an emergency, we can quickly grab it and take it.  However, sometimes things gets thrown in there carelessly.  Separate your important small documents into bags so that they do not get lost in larger pages like Deeds, Wills, etc.

Protect important liquids as well.

Protect yourself from nightmares at the airport.  Keep your items in a bag so that you can quickly go through checkpoints.  This can also organize your purse or backpack.

It is important to have First Aid items in your purse or backpack.  You would be amazed at what you can fit into a Zip-loc style bag (from Emergency Essentials).

The Mother of Necessity.....  

If you are in a pinch for a funnel...

Cut one corner of a bag

Place it inside your container.

Fill.  Here I am using spices, but imagine how this could help you in your car if you needed to put in a quart of oil!

As you can see, there are many uses for these functional storage items.  Try some today!

(Some of the above ideas may have come from the following sources:  www.wackyuses.com, http://myvoice.mygofer.com, www.theinternetjournalist.com.

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