Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Something To Keep Track of Little Things.....

One of this week's focus items is Zip-loc style storage bags.  I wanted to share another unique way to use them that can help keep your little things organized!  We are going to make an Organizer with Zip-loc style bags. 

This project requires a sewing machine, thread, material (less than 12 inches off the bolt), staples, tape, marking pencil, and Zip-loc bags.  I am going to focus on a project using Sandwich sized bags, but you could adapt this project to any sized bag you wish.  Let's get started.....

Lay out the size of bag you wish to use on the fabric.  Allow about a 1/2 inch around the bag when you cut out the fabric (the fabric is doubled here).  I used 2 types of fabric.  One is quilted and one is a cotton print. 

Next, use a round lid and trace the 'arc' on the corner with your marking pencil.  Cut all corners so that they are rounded.

Put right sides together and pin.

Sew around the perimeter, but leave an opening to turn the project inside out.

Here is the opening I left to turn the project.

Notch the corners so that they will be smooth when you turn the project inside out.

After turn the project inside out, use your scissors or another long instrument to run along the corners to ensure they are turned out correctly.  Press with an iron.

Topstitch to hold the fabric in place and give strength.

Take 5 bags and align them together.  Staple together at the bottom of the bag at both corners and in the middle.  I did 2 courses of these. 

Tape one course at a time into the middle of your cover.  I actually folded the project in half as if it were finished to get a crease to use as my guide to sew the bags on.  I sewed one course to the left of the crease and one course to the right of the crease.

Topstitch over your tape.  Secure each end by sewing forward and backward before sewing along the edge of the bags.

Next, make the flap that will keep the cover closed.  Cut 2 pieces, put right sides together and sew as you did before.  Leave a small opening to turn the project. Iron and topstitch as before.

Pin the flat on the inside of the back cover.

Topstitch 2 rows to hold the flap in place.

Sew a piece of velcro on the side of the flap.

Tape the corresponding piece on the front cover of the project and topstitch in place.

I cut a piece of clear plastic that I had left over from another project.  (I usually buy this by the yard and put it under little chairs when we are all eating on the carpet....for easy clean up.)

Use tape to hold it on place on the front cover.  I used Scotch tape here, but it was very difficult to remove.  I will use masking tape next time.  Topstitch into place on the 2 sides and bottom.  Leave the top open to put a label inside to let you know what you have in there!

Here is a finished project.  When you open the flap, the bags lay flat with the Zip opening facing the flap.

Now what on earth do you do with it?  I will show you some ideas in a later post.  I figure this cost be just under $2.00 to make.  It would be even easier if you used a place mat and bias tape.  This is very handy....just wait until you see what can be done with it!


kdonat said...

A recycled placemat would work for this project. Ribbon or scraps of fabric would work for the fastener. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

The Little Red Hen said...

Agreed, thats for your comment!

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