Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooking with the Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven...

On a recent family outing, I decided to use my Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Oven to help me make dinner for 11 people.  I decided to make a Roast, and here is how it was accomplished.

Because I wanted easy clean-up, I used a disposable pan and cooking magic bags.  I later discovered that this pan was reflecting the sun-rays away, so we placed a piece of dark fabric under the cooking magic bag to help absorb the heat.

Place about a Tablespoon of flour in the bag and shake it around.

Place the bag into the pan.

I placed the roasts in the bag.

I shook Onion Soup mix on top and sliced mushrooms.

Place your Solar Oven in the direct sunlight.

Place the pan into the oven.  Again, I had to place dark fabric (okay, it was a black T-shirt) to cover the pan so that it can absorb the heat.

Watch your Thermostat, here the temperature is just beginning to rise after I placed it in the Sun.  In this case, after about an hour, feathery clouds came rolling in.  That is why I chose this Solar Oven.  I plugged it in to help sustain a constant, safe temperature.  According to the manual, it usually takes twice as much time to cook in the solar oven as it does a conventional oven.

This is a very easy unit to use.  I am trying to practice with it so that I am more adept at it.  By the way, there were no complaints about the Roast at dinner time!

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