Saturday, August 7, 2010

Organize your Car First Aid Kit....

A First Aid Kit for your vehicle is a must!  You never know when someone will get an "owie" need a band aid!  Previously, I gave directions in how to make an Organizer with Zip-loc style bags.  Here is another use for this project. 

Here we have rubber gloves and large gauze pads for those big 'owies'.

Don't forget to include first aid for insect bites and minor burns.

Include an assortment of band-aides, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic wipes.

Include a thermometer, some Triple-Anti-biotic cream, and an instant cold pack.

Include feminine products and a triangular bandage.

You could include medications, but I choose not to as this would be easy for little hands to reach.  I lock those things in my glove compartment.

Get yourself organized!

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Amber Mclette said...

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