Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's week #3 and the focus item is......stocking up on Deoderant.

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I loved last week's focus item which was Cocoa Powder.  There are soooooo many wonderful things you can make with it.  This week's item is very simple but necessary.  It is Deodorant or Anti-perspirants.

I find researching this item about as motivating as Toilet Paper was.  Again, both are extremely important, but wanting to expound on them is a bit.....much!

What is the difference between Deodorant and Anti-Persperants?

Let's start with the reason we use these products, to diminish or eliminate body odor.  When we perspire, it is the body's natural way to cool us when we are hot.  The persperation itself is not the issue, it is the bacteria that like to 'show up' and interact with it that cause the odor. 

Deodorant's essentially mask the odor, but do not interfere with perspiration.

Anti-perspirant use Aluminum salts to block perspiration from occurring.  It essentially clogs your pours.  There are divergent views on the safety of this.  In my humble opinion, if it were overly dangerous, the FDA would have interfered long ago.

Clinical Strength Deodorants:  These contain a high amount of Aluminum Zirconium.  Some you have to apply in the evening, but more and more are being formulated to apply in the morning.

So, decide what works best for you, and stock up!

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