Sunday, November 20, 2016

Utah Bloggers Support the Family of Officer Eric Ellsworth.

The following comes from Utah Bloggers:

Officer Eric Ellsworth was hit by a car Friday night near Brigham City and is in the hospital fighting for his life. His wife Janica is a deal blogger and this couldn't ever happen at a good time, yet this is an especially hard time. Right before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, probably one of her busiest weeks of the year.
Utah bloggers have launched a social media campaign to show support and raise funds for Officer Eric Ellsworth.
Using hashtag #supportofficerellseworth a group of bloggers is asking people to do a simple thing to help the Ellsworth family - support his wife Janica's blog. She blogs at where she helps families save money.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the highest revenue days of the year for deal bloggers like Ellsworth. She finds and shares the best deals on her blog. When someone clicks on a deal and makes a purchase the retailer gives her a small percent of what is purchased. It's called affiliate marketing.
We encourage everyone to go to and if there's a deal or if you're going to buy something on Amazon this holiday weekend, consider using one of her links. That or share her blog with others. That is one way you can show support for the Ellsworths. Not only will they have medical bills but Janica will be with her family and miss income from her work.
Many women like Janica use blogging as a way to supplement their family's income. We have bloggers whose husbands are teachers or in her case, a police officer. This is a way she could work and still be with her young boys. There are hundreds of bloggers around the state like Ellsworth and we are banding together to support her and pray for the family.
An account for the Ellsworth family has been set up at America First Credit Union under "Eric Ellsworth Family Charitable account"
So to recap, 3 things you can do besides pray:
1. Share this story on social media with the hashtag #supportofficerellsworth
2. Go to and buy through her links or spend some time exploring her blog
3. Donate to the family account at America First

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