Sunday, December 11, 2016

Making a Wonder Oven.....Pattern

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great Sunday.  

Have you ever loaned something to a friend and can't remember to whom you loaned the desired item?  Recently, someone asked to borrow my pattern to make a Wonder Oven. When I went to get was gone!  Alas, I had to make one again, which is no small feat!  However, I accidentally stumbled upon a way to create this pattern with a little less pain.  

You can find the directions to make a Wonder Oven on a variety of different sites.  However, the pattern requires you to enlarge it and draw the pattern with a variety of specific angles.

So, I decided to use Wrapping Paper as it was wide enough for the task. Much to my surprise, I found an easier way to make this pattern!

The wrapping paper I chose had a wonderful grid on the back!  I can't tell you how very quickly the process was done in a short period of time.

The instructions require you to draw lines with very specific angles.  Remember that protractor that you child had to have for a specific class....and now it just bumps around your house?  Yes, get that Protractor and measure the angles.  

As you only drew one side, fold the paper in half.  Measure twice, but cut once!

See how quickly it was to make?  Now, when someone wants to borrow any pattern, I think I will have a little form for them to sign so that I know where my items are. It also avoids the chance that I may have to recreate the wheel......

Try it !

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