Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's amazing to me......

Yes, it is amazing to me that such a little, sweet boy could do the following without any prompting.  In fact, it was his own idea.  He typed the following letter by letter:

In fact, once there, he found the following link of really fun things.  I was rather shocked that one...and then two could navigate and use my new laptop without assistance.  

I also found the following great videos there. Please see the scripture video for children here.  

I tried to open several of these on my Kindle...and some of them needed a "Flash" player...which I was unsuccessful at downloading on my Kindle.  So, for fun....this would be a great Sunday activity or use in Family Home Evening using your laptop or desk top.  These are great teaching tools!  

Check them out!  If a 7 year-old can get there by can you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Matter of a Root Vegetable Storage Bin....

What do you think this might be? I was intrigued when I first came across this idea.  It is a Root Vegetable Storage Bin (from Now, you may wonder why I find this idea a good one.  I live in an area that is full of big rocks.  I mean, when they dug out our basement when we built our home, the pile of rocks looked like somewhere that Fred and Wilma would be right at home.  As such, I knew I couldn't have a traditional root cellar. So, when I saw this item, I was excited.  I do have a dark, cool room in the basement that would be perfect for this 'mini-root-vegetable-cellar'.  I ordered this item on-line.....and it arrived today! 

This is what it looked like when I took the package out of the box.

Here is what came with the package.  The wire basket, the burlap insert, coils, and the directions.

Cut the plastic strip holding the flat wire basket together.

Open the basket and lay it flat.

There are 8 metal coils.

Put two sides of the basket together and twist the coil around both edges.

Put 2 on each corner.

Here is the completed basket.

The instructions to say to insert the burlap liner and tie the back to the basket.  I didn't like how the front corners were not secure.

So, I sewed some left over Gross-grain ribbon to the front two corners and tied them to the front part of the basket.

Here, the flap is laid over the top of the unit. I also placed the handles on the burlap so that you can see them.

The unit comes with suggested temperatures and humidity for various vegetables. For the most part, you can place the vegetables in the unit without adding soil.  However, they suggest damp sawdust for carrots.  I am going to try this for a while, and if it works, I may get several for the winter.  This is a great solution for someone like me that cannot have a root cellar where they live.  The price as of today is $34.95 without shipping.

Consider it!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

“As one of His special witnesses on earth today, this glorious Easter Sunday, I declare that this is true, in His sacred name—even the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior—amen.”
—President Thomas S. Monson

Elder Joseph B Wirthlin:

 I think of how dark that Friday was when Christ was lifted up on the cross.
On that terrible Friday the earth shook and grew dark. Frightful storms lashed at the earth.
Those evil men who sought His life rejoiced. Now that Jesus was no more, surely those who followed Him would disperse. On that day they stood triumphant.
On that day the veil of the temple was rent in twain.
Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of Jesus, were both overcome with grief and despair. The superb man they had loved and honored hung lifeless upon the cross.
On that Friday the Apostles were devastated. Jesus, their Savior—the man who had walked on water and raised the dead—was Himself at the mercy of wicked men. They watched helplessly as He was overcome by His enemies.
On that Friday the Savior of mankind was humiliated and bruised, abused and reviled.
It was a Friday filled with devastating, consuming sorrow that gnawed at the souls of those who loved and honored the Son of God.
I think that of all the days since the beginning of this world’s history, that Friday was the darkest.
But the doom of that day did not endure.
The despair did not linger because on Sunday, the resurrected Lord burst the bonds of death. He ascended from the grave and appeared gloriously triumphant as the Savior of all mankind.
And in an instant the eyes that had been filled with ever-flowing tears dried. The lips that had whispered prayers of distress and grief now filled the air with wondrous praise, for Jesus the Christ, the Son of the living God, stood before them as the firstfruits of the Resurrection, the proof that death is merely the beginning of a new and wondrous existence.
Each of us will have our own Fridays—those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of our world lie littered about us in pieces. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays.
But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death—Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come.
No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, Sunday will come. In this life or the next, Sunday will come.

Sunday will come!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review of "The Emergency App" for Kindle Fire

The day of the electronic Tablet certainly has arrived. I own a Kindle Fire. There are many things I like about, but today I am going to post my review of an "App" I have installed on my device.  It is call The Emergency App.    (We can talk about emergency power for this at a future date!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten years in the making....

Courtesy of Esty

Those of you who have been a sewer for a while will most likely recognize Sunrise Design Patterns. I love these!  When I purchased mine, you could purchase 'master patterns' with several sizes in it for only about five dollars.  See all the cute things that can be made from this pattern?  You can still get many of these patterns by going to this website. You should really take advantage of these. 

Well, I have a new little Grand-daughter scheduled to arrive very soon.  She will be spoiled by 3 older brothers.  When my daughter was expecting her first child, and the gender was unknown, she came to visit and she picked out some lace she loved and gave me the charge that she wanted me to make the blessing dress for her baby if it were a girl.  And, if it were a boy, she would get me a pattern and fabric so that I could fashion a blessing outfit for him.  (I know what some of you are thinking...why isn't she making this for her own little one?  Just believe me, she knows how....I know because I taught her).  Anyway flattery can get you far sometimes with me as she said she wanted something special made by this 'Grandma'. I have since made 3 blessing outfits for my 3 handsome Grandson's that have come to grace my daughter's family.

Well, it was time to fashion a sweet little Blessing Dress. My daughter asked if I still had the lace she had picked out so many years ago. I wasn't sure, so I looked and lo and behold I still had it.  She chose the view on the pattern above and asked me to make it for her. is what I created:

It was a labor of love.

Take home message:
  1. I had the skill set to do this, and do it quickly.
  2. I had the pattern already.  I have used it before and can use it again in the future because it has timeless styling.  
  3. I created a bit of a 'heirloom' for my future Granddaughter.
This skill set allowed me to to do something special for my Daughter and Granddaughter.  Preparedness isn't always about be ready for extreme situations.  Look at what I got to do because I was prepared!
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