Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food Storage.....at a Baby Shower!

Recently, we had a Baby-shower for my beautiful Daughter-in-law, who is due very soon.  So, my youngest Daughter and I planned the event and looked forward to having a great time.  I decided to try to do something...yes.....with my food storage. I really want to make a huge point here. Food Storage is not for emergencies only!  It is for LIVING on an everyday basis!  Look what we were able to do with many Food Storage items.

In the photo above, you see a green salad (could have been 'food storage' if this wasn't November as it would have come from my garden), Spinach Dip Pinwheels, Punch, and Fresh Berry Dessert Bites.

The Spinach Dip Pinwheels did not stick around very long (they were yummy!), and are very simple to make.  In addition, they make a really nice presentation.  I found the recipe online.

Some of the ingredients called for were  frozen spinach (already in my freezer), mayonnaise (in my food storage), and flour tortillas (which can be made from food storage ingredients. If you wish to have flavored tortillas, just use tomato or spinach powder in your tortilla dough.  These are easily made by using your food processor to make powder from your dehydrated items).  I mixed the ingredients in my food processor. 

Spread the mixture on your tortilla, leaving about 1/2 inch of space from the edge.  Roll up the tortilla.  I wrapped mine in plastic wrap and put them into the refrigerator until I was ready to serve them. To serve, cut in 1" slices (and nibble on one or two ends as you go...they are sooo good). and place them on a tray.

The Fruit Berry Bites recipe called for several Food Storage items as well.  These included flour, sugar, grated lemon peel (yes, you can dehydrate your own), salt and butter/margarine.  I made the cookie part of these treats strictly from my food storage.  The topping ingredient list called brown sugar (a staple!) and yogurt.  You can make your own yogurt from your powdered milk. I did purchase fresh berries and cream cheese, although you can also make your own cream cheese (an upcoming post).

An easy punch can be made from Hawaiian Punch, White Grape Juice and Sprite!  All of these are shelf stable.

Finally, the cupcakes can be made from food storage items with your favorite recipe.

So, in this photo, you can see all the items on a plate...and several of the ladies serving themselves.  You can do so many things with your Food Storage staples.....and it can be delicious and fun. 

Try it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Using your Sun-dried Tomatos...

This may look like a Thanksgiving Dinner....and in a way it was.  However, it is the dinner I cooked for our Young Single Adults for a Family Home Evening. Since many of them are far from home, I decided to make a version of a Thanksgiving Dinner for them...which was done about a week before the actual event.

I wanted to share something that I learned from my sister, Dyana D.  This is her idea...and it is really, really good. I used my Sun-dried Tomatos that I had dehydrated myself.

They don't look lovely, but I cut  up the tomato into small pieces. In this state, the tomato is dry.  (When I want to make soft Sun-dried tomatoes, I put them into a jar with Olive Oil for several days before using).

Put the pieces into the melted butter.  (I found that it worked better to put them into the bowl with the sticks before you microwave the butter for about a minute. They got softer more rapidly).

Drop in your roll (in dough form)

Here you see that I have lined my sheet with Parchment Paper.  I have become a believer in this as it not only makes clean-up faster, but it gives the bottom of the rolls a nice color and texture.  Put your dipped rolls on a cookie sheet to rise.

Lay a sheet with plastic wrap over the top of the rolls.  Spray with vegetable spray.  Then lift the plastic wrap off and turn it over.  Place on top of the rolls.  Do not wrap it tight. The vegetable spray allows the rolls to rise and 'slide' under the plastic wrap until you are ready to bake them.

Here is the finished product. After they came out of the oven, I again sprayed them with the vegetable spray. After cooling off, I placed the plastic wrap back on them to keep them soft until I was ready to serve them.

So, you can see the basket of rolls on the buffet.  I can tell you that they went fast and many of the young men took extras home.....along with some homemade jams.

So, try this next time you make rolls.  They are delicious and everyone thinks you have really done something spectacular. 

Happy Eating!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day.....we have much to be grateful for.

Today, take the opportunity to thank those who chose to serve our country in the military.  The comforts, joys, and way of life you enjoy are directly associated with their efforts and sacrifice. May the Lord bless all of those serving at home and abroad.  We truly are a grateful nation...........

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scholorships.....that you can help with!

I am including a couple of video's for you today.  Although I have never been a single mother as is the case of one of these individuals, I have been placed in a position of being alone and having to support myself far away from my family.  If it wasn't for my education that I chose to complete....and I make that point very clearly.....I chose to complete, I would have been in really difficult circumstances and very alone. There are individuals who need our help in a variety of ways.  Here is one worthy cause you may choose to support.  Just a few dollars can change the life of a family.....imagine how far that donation can take them in the years to come.  You can choose to donate here.

This video also highlights the Perpetual Education Fund.

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