Sunday, November 27, 2011

Using your Sun-dried Tomatos...

This may look like a Thanksgiving Dinner....and in a way it was.  However, it is the dinner I cooked for our Young Single Adults for a Family Home Evening. Since many of them are far from home, I decided to make a version of a Thanksgiving Dinner for them...which was done about a week before the actual event.

I wanted to share something that I learned from my sister, Dyana D.  This is her idea...and it is really, really good. I used my Sun-dried Tomatos that I had dehydrated myself.

They don't look lovely, but I cut  up the tomato into small pieces. In this state, the tomato is dry.  (When I want to make soft Sun-dried tomatoes, I put them into a jar with Olive Oil for several days before using).

Put the pieces into the melted butter.  (I found that it worked better to put them into the bowl with the sticks before you microwave the butter for about a minute. They got softer more rapidly).

Drop in your roll (in dough form)

Here you see that I have lined my sheet with Parchment Paper.  I have become a believer in this as it not only makes clean-up faster, but it gives the bottom of the rolls a nice color and texture.  Put your dipped rolls on a cookie sheet to rise.

Lay a sheet with plastic wrap over the top of the rolls.  Spray with vegetable spray.  Then lift the plastic wrap off and turn it over.  Place on top of the rolls.  Do not wrap it tight. The vegetable spray allows the rolls to rise and 'slide' under the plastic wrap until you are ready to bake them.

Here is the finished product. After they came out of the oven, I again sprayed them with the vegetable spray. After cooling off, I placed the plastic wrap back on them to keep them soft until I was ready to serve them.

So, you can see the basket of rolls on the buffet.  I can tell you that they went fast and many of the young men took extras home.....along with some homemade jams.

So, try this next time you make rolls.  They are delicious and everyone thinks you have really done something spectacular. 

Happy Eating!

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