Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a matter of....a Patriarchal Blessing

(Image courtesy of the Salamandersociety)

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a belief that Patriach's exist even today.  These special Priesthood holders have a specific call to spiritually prepare and be the instrument of theLord to receive inspiration & convey not only the lineage, but blessings and opporutnities that are available to worthy members in an individualized manner.  This blessing is recorded and printed for the recipient and a copy is recorded in the Church Records.  These are sacred and personal, and are not to be treated lightly.  From the early days of the world, the Lord has provided Patriachs to bless the lives of his children. 

The LRH has had the opportuntiy to be present at all of the Patriarchal Blessings giving to her children.  Last night was no exception.  Our Rooster Jr. received this sacred and important blessing from our Stake Patriarch.  Each blessing given to my children, has been a sacred event.  Last night, our Patriarch spent nearly an hour interviewing our son and then going into great detail about the Birthrite and Abraham's Lineage.  As he related the history and interjected questions for my son, I could fill in the blanks myself with the proper names and events.  However, I learned a great deal about the entire Abrahmic Covenant and the 12 tribes.  I had heard most of the pieces of the story before, but having them tied altogether was a tremendous experience in itself.  After relating all of this history, the Patriarch then informed my son that it may be possible that his lineage is not that of his parents, but that will be linked to one of the lines of the 12 tribes.  That was one of the primary reasons for the history lesson.

The blessing itself was extremely powerful.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  Our son has been promised great things in his future, and we look forward to watching his life unfold as he makes his choices.  I was particularly impressed with the 'gifts' that he had been blessed with, and one that will be a blessing not only for him, but our entire family.  He is preparing to serve a mission in the future, and with such a powerful blessing, I will be excited to see his course.

What a tremendous blessing has been afforded us to have our own Patriarchal Blessing.  It is a path, should we choose it, to great blessings and happiness.  As a parent, it is a source of appreciation and joy. 

I think I will review mine, so that I can remind myself of the gifts and blessings that may be available to me....if I choose it well.

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