Saturday, August 7, 2010

Organizer with Zip-loc style use

In our last post, I gave directions in how to make an Organizer with Zip-loc style bags.  Now, I am going to show you one idea of what to use it for.  This is for a special little friend....and let's see what is inside:

This is for her Cross-stitch "stuff".  On the left is her DMC card with all the colors and on the right there is a supply of needles.

Here we have some Cross-stitch fabric on the left and the right holds a pouch with scissors.  (The pouch is made out of 2 pieces of felt top-stitched together on 3 sides)

The next two 'pages' hold directions for simple projects and an embroidery hoop.

Finally, there are 2 'pages' of embroidery floss.  There are still 2 empty 'pages' that can be filled with more.

See how simple this is?  It will keep things organized and free from dirt and soil.

Try one today!

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