Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a matter of.....Basic Sewing Stitches

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With our focus being upon obtaining a Sewing Kit this week, I thought it would be most helpful to review some basic stiches.

(Image courtesy of http://www.sewdresses.com/)

Okay, so you see the stitches, when and what do you use them for?  Check out these links for more information!




Get a scrap of material, and while you are watching a favorite show, try some of these.  You need to practice so that you can use the stitches when you need them.  Traditionally, they won't be pretty at first, but after a few stitches, you will get the hang of it!  Impress you family and friends!  It is surprising how much people marvel when you can quickly fix a garment.....because many of them have never seen it done.  Increase your self-reliance skills while showing your family and the Lord that you are thankful for the goodness that you have been blessed with.

Stitch away....Today!

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