Saturday, April 17, 2010

A quick lunch idea.....

Yesterday was one of those days that was packed with appointments from morning until night.  These appointments took me from the south end of our county all the way up to Salt Lake.  I knew that lunch would be difficult to fit in and I might be eating in a parking lot the way things were going!  So, here is something that is quick and uses your Freeze-Dried meats in a way you may not have thought of. 

I decided to make a salad because it is fast and easy.

I chose to use diced Turkey today.  I use a measuring cup so that the oils and moisture from my hands do not get on the Freeze-Dried meat.

Initially, rinse your Freeze-Dried meat. I do this in the baggie. I pour in water, "swish" it around for a minute, and then pour the water out. I then add water and seasoning. It is important to add some seasoning like some bullion or Italian Seasoning because the meat is not flavored at all.

I them put the baggie with the liquid and Freeze-Dried meat atop my salad and put the lid on.

Then, into my lunch bag it went with my freezer pack.  When I had a moment yesterday, I opened the baggie, drained the liquid and place the fully re-hydrated meat on top of my salad.  It was good!  I'll bet you never thought to use your food storage like this!

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