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It's a matter of Flavored Vinegars...

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Aren't they beautiful?  I have received beautiful vinegars like these as gifts.  But, I was too hesitant to use them because they were so beautiful.  However, I have learned that they are very simple to make, and you don't have to have a gorgeous bottle to put them in....althought that would be  nice.

I decided to make a Citrus Vinegar,  Here is the process:

Bring 1 Quart of White Vinegar to a boil.

The recipe calls for you to slice the citrus (a lemon, or orange, into 6 slices, or 2 limes cut into quarters). Well, I have citrus fruit that I dehydrated.  I usually float them in water at a meal time to add flavor to the water.  So, I tried to experiment.

The directions state to "thread lengthwise onto bamboo skewer and insert into a 1-quart bottle".  I threaded these lime slices on a skewer.  However, later when I added the vinegar...they all floated to the top!

The recipe then suggests that you add a little food coloring.  I like the orange, but when I added green to the limes, I should have only put in one drop because I do not like the color.  I capped the bottles and stood them in a cool dark place.  The recipe states that you need to allow 10 days to infuse before using.  (Addendum, a day later, the Orange slices began to float throughout the bottle).

The recipe comes from the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE).  El Darado County Office 311 Fair Lane Placerville, CA.  The Author's suggest that you could use this when preparing seafood, cucumber slices, greens or homemade mayonnaise.  It makes 1 quart.

There are also Herb Vinegars that you can make.  Here is a basic recipe:

Basic Herb Vinegar (UCCE)

Use fresh herbs whenever possible, but you can use dried herbs.  If you do, it is nice to put a sprig or pieces of the fresh herbs in the bottles after it has infused.  To do this. strain out the dried herbs before bottling and then add the fresh ones in the bottle or container.  This makes a very attractive presentation.  Makes about 1 quart.

1 Quart Vinegar of your choice
1 cup fresh Herbs or 1/2 Cup Dried Herbs.

Bring to a simmer, Let cool, combine ingredients in your glass or plastic jars or containers.  Cap and seal.  Let stand in warm area for about 10 days to infuse. 

Now you can do that!

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