Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Week #4, and the focus items are......

Hi Food Storage Enthusiasts!  I hope you are well on your way to stocking for your Long-Term Storage.  Last week, we had Oats as the focus item.  Can I just say, I couldn't get to all the wonderful things Oats can be used for....time just wasn't on my side.  However, I may stick some of them in as we go along this year.

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Yeast is one of our target items this week.  Yeast is a one-celled fungus that converts sugar and starch into carbon dioxide bubbles and alcohol. Bread is made with baker's yeast, which creates lots of bubbles that become trapped in the dough, making the bread rise so it's light and airy when baked. A small amount of alcohol is also produced, but this burns off as the bread bakes. This information and more information on the different types of Yeast comes from  It is well done and has great pictures!

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Vinegar is the other target item for the week. This is a very, very versatile staple to have not only for cooking, but also cleaning.  Here is are two short segments to introduce you to the cleaning aspects of Vinegar.

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