Friday, April 2, 2010

General Conference: Ideas for Children

With the upcoming General Conference, here are some resources for children (and grandchildren) to help them learn more about the gospel and participate in the Conference Experience.

I know that when we lived outside of Utah, we made it a special family tradition to go out to eat at a restaurant between the Saturday Sessions. These outings were often Fast Food restaurants, but the children loved this. On Sunday, as we had to go to the Church building for all broadcasts (and that was a 30 minute drive), we would pack a picnic lunch. Other families in our ward saw what we were doing and soon we had lots of families doing the same. It was a "giant" picnic with our ward family and very fun for all of us.

Now that the broadcasts are so readily available to our homes via cable and satellite, we can start fun traditions at home and still reinforce the spiritual feeling and meaning of General Conference.   Make this Conference and Easter a memorable one for your family.  Special pages to color etc.

Mormon Times  Ideas shared by a columnist

A Little Tipsy  Easter Related Conference activity.

Magnify Simply A Conference Packet focusing on the First Presidency

LDS  Puzzles, Games, etc

LDS Resources   More aimed at Youth

LDS Resources Word Search Puzzles  Word Search Puzzles with LDS theme

Sugardoodle  Has activities for Junior Primary, Senior Primary, and a Youth Packet

Printable pages from "The Friend".    Printable activity pages from the Friend.

Deseret Book   Packet put out by Deseret Book

Loves hugs and  giggles.  Some really creative ideas to prepare and reinforce the topics and identify the speakers at General Conference for children

Bingo Card.  BINGO is always a favorite.  I have used this often and had pennies as my markers.  However, you could use Jelly Beans this year as part of an Easter Theme if you wished!

So, start printing! 

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