Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dig out that know where it is!

I realize I am about date myself.....but do you remember when everyone just had to have a Breadmaker....machine?  All the hype about having homemade bread when you woke up in the morning to having fresh bread for dinner?  For me, I told myself that I could use my food storage staples more readily if I had one.  Well, I did use it, and burned out my first machine.  This is my second one.....and this one has seen more of the inside of the cupboard than the countertop.  I don't have a really good reason why.

Well, since we are focusing on Yeast, I knew I had to dig this beast out of the darkness of my cupboard, so I did.  When I got home from work, I had a quick dinner, but knew the Rooster of the house would be coming home in a couple of hours.  I decided to either make bread....or something from the dough.  I decided upon scones....which are very easy.  I only had to use the "dough" cycle.

In case you have never done this, pull out the manual to your machine and find the recipe for bread. You can use white or wheat bread recipes.  Mix it, and allow it to rise, again on the dough cycle.

Heat ~2 inches of vegetable oil on the stove.  Have a dish nearby with a lid to put the hot scones in.  I place a folded paper towel at the bottom of the dish to catch any excess oil.

Pull a small amount of dough from the ball.  Flatten it.

Place it in the hot oil.

Turn it over when golden brown.

Retrieve the scone with tongs and allow the excess oil to drip off into the pan.

I set a place for the Rooster complete with butter, syrup, powdered sugar, and two types of Jam.   I'll bet my son, who didn't want "anything", will surface to help his Dad eat all of these scones!

Now, it didn't take me any real time to put the ingredients into the Bread Machine....and the machine did all the work.  I cooked a few scones, which took about 10 minutes, and it was all ready!  Since today turned out to be a snowy day outside .....and it is the end of April, this seems liked an appropriate hot meal to be having in celebration of our wacky weather!

Remember how delicious scones are?  Try them soon!

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