Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June, and the Target Items are.........

I hope your Memorial Day went very, very well.  I hope you ate lots of wonderful food as well. 

It's a new month.....and more opportunities to stock up on our Long Term Food Storage and Preparedness staples are here!  I passed out many of these bookmarks on Sunday, and will bring more this Sunday for those who were away for the holiday weekend.

"Noah heeded God's command to build an ark.... that they might be saved from the flood waters. Yet there was no evidence of rain and flood. His actions were considered irrational. The sun was shining and life moved forward as usual. But time ran out. The floods came, the disobedient were drowned. When God speaks and we obey, we will always be right."

Thomas S Monson

Let us be "right" by filling our 'ark' with needed supplies.  Here are the suggested item by week for the month of June:

  • Week #1:  White Flour
  • Week #2:  Soup/Stews/Chili
  • Week #3:  Jam
  • Week #4:  Hand Soap
Let's get busy!


2Sammi said...

Love the bookmarks, where did you get them made I would love do to it for my ward. I'm the emergency preparedness person (?) new at the calling and needing all the help I can get.


The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you for your comment 2Sammi. I make the bookmarks myself. I include the focus items for the month along with quotes to hopefully motivate and keep us all on track. Check the templates in your word processing software and see if you can locate a template for bookmarks. Congratulations on your new calling....beware....if you haven't been already, you are about to be bitten by the "Spirit of Preparedness bug". Good luck!

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