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It's week #3 in June, and the target items are Jams and Jellies.

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It's week #3 in June, and the target items are Jams and Jellies.  It is the season for fresh strawberries and I have even seen cherries, blueberries and raspberries.

This item will count as a "sugar" in your long-term food storage staples.  This is such a wonderful thing to make and offer to your family.  If you haven't really entered the world of canning, Jam is an easy entry food.  It is one that is really difficult to 'mess up'.

I am including a link to prior posts that I have done on this topic.  You can find a lot of information here

As some of you may know, I like to use the product called "Clear Jel" as it lasts indefinitely.  I was surprised to see this at our local family owned Grocery store called Kohlers.

I usually have had to purchase this from Kitchen Kneads on Redwood road (around 7200 South) in SLC.  I have also purchased it at Allison's Pantry prior to the closure of their store front.  I haven't tried this brand, but it is certainly fairly priced.  I may get some and see if it performs like Clear Jel because this is a convenient source if it is compatible.  If you have used this product for jams and jellies, please let us all know!

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Michelle said...

I stopped using pectin a while ago for the same reasons that you posted about. I substituted it with Clear Gel from Alisons pantry. When they closed I started using Ultra Gel instead. I have LOVED it! I like it a lot better than Utlra Gel. It is easier to use; you don't have to mix it with sugar before using it, it thickens up quicker, and I've never had it get clumpy - a problem I sometimes had with clear gel.
I use it for all of my jams and jellies - freezer as well as processed, and it works fabulous! I use the same amount as I did Clear Gel. I also use it to make my bottled apple pie filling, and for other random things, like thickening the juice from bottled fruit (sugar, cinnamon and ultra gel added to peach juice makes a fabulous syrup for pancakes and waffles).
I've posted some recipes using it on my blogs: - (check the canning and preservation section)

Hope that helps. I think you'll love it once you start using it.

And I love your site, by the way. Lots of helpful information. I've bookmarked a lot of your stuff, excited to give it a try!


The Little Red Hen said...


Thank you for your information. I look forward to taking your advice!

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