Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jam.....Besides PB and J, What can I do with it?

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I was really zealous last year and made many different kinds of Jams and Jellies.  I have the the belief that if Heavenly Father makes items available to you, it is incumbent upon you to be grateful and to find a way to use them.  Thus....I had a lot of Jam and Jelly. 

So, I have found several ways to use it besides on yummy PBJ sandwiches...which I still love.

Glazes:  As noted above, you can use some Jellies and some Jams as Glazes on meat before roasting.  Try Peach Jelly on a Pork Ham.....yum.

Ice Cream:  You can put a dollop on top of Ice Cream....or use some to flavor your Ice Cream when you make it from scratch.

Yogurt:  Use it to flavor plain Yogurt.  And, if/when you make your own, flavor your own Yogurt.

Cheesecake:  You can swirl them into Cheesecake batter.  They look beautiful and it will taste wonderful!  You might even consider putting some on top of a slice.

Crepes:  You could mix Jam or Jelly with Cream Cheese or Yogurt and fill a homemade Crepe with it.

Pudding:  Mix in with some Vanilla Flavored Pudding to create your own fruit flavor.

Turnovers:  Put a dollop in between your pastry dough and bake.

I'm sure there are more ideas, but consider these.  I think I gained 5 pounds just thinking about the Cheesecake idea........

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