Friday, June 4, 2010

Couponing, even when you are financially sound.....

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We have a guest blogger today, the LRH's oldest daughter.  She writes about her reasons and suggestions for couponing.  Couponing isn't just for those who are financially strapped, it is also for those who respect the bounty that they have been blessed with.  I extend my thanks to my daughter, who I love greatly.  Consider her wise words:

It took me a while to talk myself into couponing. Its time consuming (which scares me) and takes quite a bit of organization (which didn't scare me). Add to that, my budget isn't necessarily one that would be classified as "tight" or "strained" so I just figured my time was better used elsewhere. The thought of dragging my busy 2 year old into more stores than absolutely necessary, just didn't seem worth it. But, even though my food and household budgets were quite generous, in my opinion, I continued to blow them every month. And that frustrated me, and when I get frustrated, I fix it. So, when my friend kept going on and on about how much she was saving every month, I thought that maybe I should try it, even if I just did it for a month or so.

So, I decided to start small, with the 4 closest stores to my house (I still have that 2 year old, ya know). In my case, that is Rite Aid, Walgreens, QFC and Fred Meyer (and my Fred Meyer and QFC offer free childcare- BONUS!). I also make sure and look at the savings for Target and Costco, because I go there anyway. If I am feeling particularly savvy that week, I'll check out the savings at Safeway too (but that doesn't happen very often.) I get 5 Sunday papers (coupons baby!) and spend Sunday afternoons/evenings with my family clipping coupons in between board games. I also look through the ads and circle all the savings I am interested in.

Then on Monday morning, I look at my two favorite coupon websites for my stores savings and see if there is anything I missed in my ads. Quite often, they have links to coupons you don't know about, so I spend a little time printing the coupons and making my lists, and organizing the coupons by store. Tuesday morning, I am ready to go once I drop everyone off to school and its just me and the baby. Depending on my week, sometimes I'll take a couple hours and hit 4 stores (its generally pretty quick and painless, you have a list and everything organized) and sometimes I'll just run in one store on my way to swimming lessons or after school pick up. By the end of the week, I have usually hit all the stores I want and I am ready to start over again on Sunday. The websites I like are and . But, each region will have websites and blogs specific to their region so you have to find what works for you.

It all sounds a bit daunting, but I am happy to say that not only have I stayed well within my budget for the past 3 months (WELL within- sometimes even with extra left over), I have also stocked up on the "extras" of food storage (in 3 months!). I have a year supply of body wash, toothpaste, laundry soap and dish soap. I have even stocked up on things like canned goods, salad dressing and marinades. My kids haven't run out of cereal, fruit snacks or granola bars since I started. And this was all while staying in my budget. For me, the extra time involved has been worth it! Plus, I feel like the money that flows through my house isn't really my money, its the Lord's money that he has blessed and entrusted my family with, so shouldn't we use it as wisely as we can?

So, did you learn something new?  Do you have a respect and appreciation for the bounty the Lord has blessed you with?  If so, consider using some of the suggestions made to not only stock up on needed items, but maybe to show your gratitude as well.

Consider it!


Kelly said...

I used to think that coupons were a waste of time, until I saw the coupon mom on the news one day and she had paid 25 cents for dove deodorant. She said that she had been doing the coupon thing for fourteen years, since her children were small. I told myself that if she could do it with two small children, I could do it with one. Now I laugh when I see an item I buy a lot at full price. I will never pay full price again, now that I know that I can do better.

The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you for your comment Kelly. I am learning from my DD and DDIL. I need to catch up to them. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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