Friday, June 4, 2010

Couponing isn't just for your Grandmother anymore............

I have a dear daughter and a dear daughter-in-law who have discovered the excitement and value of couponing.  They even love to share the news when they get money back from the cashier!

In the spirit of this money-saving method, I am including a fabulous video from "divaforcoupons".  I believe that you will love to watch what she does.  She also teaches you a thing or two.

In our area, there are free classes taught by the "Savvy Shopper" (  I recently learned of one taught by the "Preparedness Pro" ( that is either taught live or as an online class for a minimal fee.  There are also many online options as well. 

If you think you cannot afford to have Food Storage and other preparedness items, here is a viable way to accomplish it. 

Look into it and get going!


denise g said...

WOW!! I have got to get more serious with this stuff! Thanks Diva! I went to the preparedness pro's class in Utah, but this was an even better help.

The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you for your comment Denise. I too need to "get more serious with this stuff!"

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