Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Return of the 4th LAR.......

The LRH had the opportunity this morning to go welcome home the 4th LAR as they returned from their tour in Afghanistan. 

We had to wait around for a while.  However, news of how close these brave young Marines came fast...and digitally.  We knew exactly where they were on I-215, then Bangetor Highway, then I-15, etc as the young Marines would text their loved ones, who would then share the information with the bystanders.

Then the buses were heard and the crowd moved quickly to meet them.

Returning Marines and loved ones rushed to see each other again.

It was loud......

......and emotional with tears, hugs, and lots of embracing....

And those who gave the ultimate sacrifice were also remembered. (We learned that the unit that replaced the 4th LAR suffered 2 casualties on their first day.  Our Utah Sons, sadly,  lost 2 brave marines a few weeks ago.  We have been blessed that so many returned home safely).

This Memorial Day, take the opportunity to thank those who have served in harms way....we owe them our all.

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