Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are you ready?

I just don't have to look far to find things that let us know that we are living in the latter-days. At the end of the post, there is a short video showing the aftermath of heavy rain in Tennesse. I have a sibling who, until recently, lived in this very area. Here is an excerpt from an email she sent us (with a few changes to protect thier privacy) on 5/2/10:

Thought I would send you this link ( which shows all the places that I knew when we lived in Nashville. We NEVER saw anything like this while we were there.

Last night, our son called us and told us that his youngest brother was working in Nashville and probably would not be able to make it home. When we called our youngest, the hotel he works for as well as all the hotels in downtown Nashville were full. Jimmy Buffett was in town.

Anyway, all the roads leading south to Smyrna were closed including I-24. It took many calls to various hotels and we found our youngest a room at the Fairfield Inn at the airport. He was able to find his way home to Smyrna this morning. We heard that Enon Springs (the road by our home that Wal-Mart was on) was closed. I wonder how close that river came to our old house.

Both sons are now safely in Smyrna. Our youngest is working his Smyrna job tonight. He can walk from his apartment to Lowe's where he unloads the trucks. I'm surprised that the truck made it to the store. My husband's Smyrna office is closed tomorrow as well.

Such excitement and we missed it! Keep Nashville in your prayers. Looks like a really big mess that will take some time to clean up.

Brothers and Sisters, we don't have to look far to see the need to be prepared. Do you have your 72 hour kit ready? Do you have the skills to cook without power and provide for your family? Now is the time, plan to learn how and teach your family members. In the middle of an emergency is not the most ideal time to figure it out.

I attended Highland's City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening. One prominent member of our community spoke to the City Council about all the debris that has fallen into the riverbeds and streambeds for a 5-mile length up in American Fork Canyon. We recently had a record amount of snow fall in April. This individual stated that without action all this debris will come down the canyon and impact our holding pond(s) and most likely could be the cause of flooding in our area. The flooding isn't just a possibility somewhere can really happen here.

Here is a video showing the Tennessee area just 2 days later....still submerged.
Check out this great MSN Video: Power of Nashville Flooding Captured on Video

Do something today..........don't wait

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