Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where do I get seeds to sprout?

Yes, another great question.  Here are some of the choices, and I will save my favorite for last.

These are actually from my Food Storage.  As you can see, some come in bottles, some in pouches, and some in bags.

These come in Zip-lock Mylar bags.  This is the variety that you get from Emergency Essentials (http://www.beprepared.com/).

Here are other ways to purchase them.  On the top, these are seeds in little bags that are often hanging in indiscreet places within a Health Food store.  I have found them in the produce section, sometimes on an end cap, and other times in a place that appears random to me.  You can also see Lentils and Beans....in the bag from the grocery Store.

Doesn't this look like a mess?  However, this is not only the least expensive,  but also my favorite way to purchase seeds.  Please know that I don't store them this way, but I wanted to make a point here.  These are seeds from....are you ready.....the bulk aisle in the Health Food Store.  They often have bins that you can dispense yourself.  After you get the amount you want, you write a number on the little twist-tie and that's it. Take it to the check-out counter and purchase the seeds.  This is not just a Utah thing. I have traveled to other states and purposely looked for this option in Health Food Stores....and the bulk bins have consistently been in each store.

Let me just tell you, this is the least expensive way to get your seeds.  If you compare ounce for ounce to most of the bottled and bagged items, these are considerably less.  Not everything comes in bulk, so this is why I have other options as well. 

One other piece of information, all of the stores that I have "checked out" do not pack these seeds with Oxygen Absorbers. There is a bit of controversy in the "food storage world" about using Oxygen Absorbers with sprouting seeds.  I have talked with the owners or management of 3 different producers of Sprouting seeds. They all consistently have stated that they either pack their seeds in Diatomaceous Earth or nothing at all.  They state that the Oxygen Absorbers can kill the germ of the seed, and thus it will not sprout.  So, for those who disagree, that is fine.  I have chosen to heed the advice of these professional seed producers. In the event of an emergency, I choose not to gamble as to whether my seeds will sprout of not.  This is the choice I have made. 

In the bottle/bag form I have Radish and Broccoli seeds, Fenugreek, etc.  If I had to make a salad just from sprouts, I would love these other flavors in it...wouldn't you?  So, make a trip, and see how every inexpensive it is to purchase from the bulk bins and to learn about other options that are available in your area.  Also, consider getting a wide variety, man cannot live by one sprouting seed alone!

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