Friday, May 14, 2010

My little inexpensive discovery.......

Those who have followed this blog for a few months may remember this little "discovery", but knowing our focus item is sprouting...I will resurrect it once again.

Well, Strawberry season is upon us, and I love seeing those full and half-flat offerings!  I love fresh strawberries, but also like to make jam.  Why are we discussing this?  Because I have discovered that those little plastic containers that the berries come in is a great and inexpensive way to sprout. 

Here is an empty container from some berries had previously purchased.

Fold a paper towel in the shape of the bottom of the container.

Moisten the paper towel with water.

Pour your soaked seeds into the container.  Let the water rush out of the weep holes.  (Do this over the sink).  Close the lid, and pull off the sticker so that light can get in when you are ready to expose the seedlings to light.

Leave on the plate and cover.  As noted in previous posts, rinse the seeds 2-4 times a day....right in the container.  If the seeds are small (like Alfalfa), just drop water off your fingers on the seeds).   When the sprouts are established, remove the towel and place in the sunlight.  Continue to rinse until you are ready to eat!

Now these "trays" do not cost a lot.  I have even sprouted in these containers and given them away as part of a gift.  They also are not "Dishwasher safe" just can't win sometimes.

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