Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What in the world would I sprout?

This is a great question....because there are so many options.  Initially, I was overwhelmed with the number of choices as I was studying this topic.  There is so much more than Alfalfa Sprouts! So, to help you a little, and to familiarize you with what some of the choices look like....here is a little pictorial tour.  Don't be concerned if you haven't heard of some of these....no worries....just learn what your choices are.

This is Pro Vita Mix, which is a commercial blend.  It has Adzuki Beans, Peas, Lentils, Mung Beans, Tritcale,Wheat, and Fenugreek.

Soy beans

Buckwheat.  This grows to be quite tall in just a few days.

You have heard of bean sprouts haven't you?

It's not just for bread....

A very small and delicate seed

My apologies for the handwriting...long story.  However, these are really delicious when sprouted.

Yes, awful handwriting again....but here are green peas. They are good in Salads. 

You have heard of this one...

Another delicate grain.

Most of you should have some of this available to you...

This is what "oats" look like before being rolled or cut.

This is also delicious in making salads

Very similar to Wheat

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you some ideas of the things you can sprout.  More on where to get seeds and grains to sprout in a later post.

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