Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yummy, Healthful Treats

It's the middle of March, and I have been craving watermelon.....but it isn't time for "good" watermelon to be in the store yet.  However, I have another option I will show you.

This is watermelon. I dehydrated an entire seedless watermelon toward the end of the last season.  It tastes like watermelon, and sometimes dehydrated watermelon tastes a bit like cotton-candy.  Its Fat Free ladies!  No added sugar!

Now, take a look at another option for you.

No, they are not little shellfish!  On the left are dehydrated peach slices.  See the beautiful color?  It is because I pre-treated them with Sodium Bisulfate.  The two pieces to the right....are you ready?.....are canned peaches.  Why in the world would I take the time to open the can, drain them, and put them into my dehydrator?  It is because they taste like they are candied.  To make the candied fruits, it can take days.  The process calls for you to dehydrate, then later rehydrate with sugary syrup, and repeat this process several times.  With canned fruits (which my children aren't eating like they used to), I can dehydrate them.....and then they disappear.  It couldn't be easier either.  They are also good in granola's and trail mixes.

Any guesses what these are?  They are Mandarin Oranges.  These are my favorite dehydrated "canned" fruit.  They are chewy, sweet, and tangy as well. added fat!

To make these, I used mesh inserts into my dehydrator.  You could try to use screening material if you wished to try this in your oven.  Keep your oven on its lowest setting and prop the door open.  (Try to have the temperature be around 145 degrees F).

These are easy, and really delicious.  As I have told you before, the LRH does not do anything to hard.  These certainly qualify!

Try it!

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