Saturday, March 27, 2010

Highlights of the Highland Preparedness Fair...

Well, if you missed is truely your loss!  And it was a big one at that!  The organizer's have outdone themselves,

There were big names like Lisa Harkness (seen above), Jim Phillips, and

Smokey the Bear!

An old friend and familiar face (formerly from our ward) was Ruth LeBaron.  She offered the following advice:

She reminds us to have "Non-power" tools to still mix and make food if you are without power.

She also suggests that you have a hand agitator (see the blue item above) to help wash your clothes when you are without power, and a mopbucket "squeegee".  She says you can use it to press water out of clothes to help them dry faster.  Other suggestions from Ruth include having a vinyl tablecloth in your 72 kit to ensure you have a clean surface for food preparation or to cover your food or supplies.  She also suggested that after you sanitize your 55 gallon drum and place your water and bleach in it to purify the water, duct tape a filter to your barrel.  When you need to use the water, you can run it through your filter and you do not have to rotate your water every 6 months. 

Local and national vendors were represented:



Here are websites for many of the vendors.  Some have special pricing for this event.  (They have special pricing through 4/5/10)

There were also local groups such as Allred's Ace hardware and Alpine Food Storage.

My thanks to the organizers and Highland City for being so proactive!


Anonymous said...

This was great - thank you so much!

The Little Red Hen said...

I'm glad you like it! Enjoy!

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