Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a matter of a Caucus.....

Lately, I have been getting a great deal of information from many of the candidates running for office.  In particular the Senate race seems to be highly contested, and each campaign is wanting to educate citizens in this process so that those who support their candidate can understand participate.

I am sharing information I recieved from one of the candidates about the process. 

Why Delegates Matter:

In Utah, the candidates who represent each political party are chosen by delegates at state and county party conventions. The process begins at the neighborhood or precinct level. Typically a precinct includes 1,200-1,300 homes, so a precinct is roughly the size of a neighborhood.

Each precinct will hold a meeting, called a caucus meeting, on March 23, 2010 at 7:00 pm (Republican & Demoncratic parties). This is a very important day and meeting, so put it on your calendar if you haven’t already! During the precinct caucus meeting, people from your precinct (neighborhood) will be elected to represent your precinct as delegates to the state and county nominating conventions. (As a delegate you will be the one to cast votes for which candidates you feel best represent your precinct, the party etc.)

Why Delegates Matter More than Ever:

At the convention, if a candidate receives 60% of the delegate vote, they automatically become the party’s candidate and move on to the general election in November. If no candidate reaches 60%, the top two candidates move on to a primary election held in June.

(Source:  Mike Lee Campaign)
I have been a delegate before, and loved the process.  I loved being with people that I knew and together we would work to vote for individuals that they feel will best represent the views of our area.  The individuals who are elected have the responsibility to attend meetings, and listen to candidates.  They also can take questions from people in their precinct and ask them of candidates when they go to listen to them.
People from every walk-of-life are elected as delegates.  They have the grassroot power to ultimately determine who represents their party in the campaign run-off.  In  every sense of the is "power to the people".
Mark your calendar today and plan to attend your area Precinct/Caucus.  To find your precinct, please go to the website of your affiliation:
Get Involved!

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