Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is a Caucus?

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The upcoming Caucus meetings are an event that is not totally understood by all.  In our local area, we are in H102.  The following information comes from Bill Barnes at Health Policy Network.


A political caucus is a meeting of members of a political party to choose delegates from individual precincts. Those who attend local caucuses Tuesday night in Utah will elect delegates from among their individual precincts (neighborhoods). The delegates then vote at county and state conventions in April and May to narrow multi-candidate races and decide who will appear on the primary and/or final ballot.


For Republicans , any voter who is unaffiliated or registered as a Republican can participate in a caucus. However, only registered Republicans can be elected as delegates. Affiliation sign-up forms will be available at caucus locations.

For Democrats, the field is wide open as long as the person turns 18 and can register to vote by November's general election. Registered Democrats, unaffiliated voters, even registered Republicans can vote for and be elected as delegates.

Remember, neighborhood political caucuses are next Tuesday night (3/23). Republican caucuses are at 7:00, Democratic caucuses are that same night, but time differs by County, so check with your county, or contact the State Democratic Party offices for details (801-328-1212). Please plan to attend!

Some people have asked about "3rd party" caucuses. I have learned that the Constitution Party is also caucusing on the 23rd. Information about their caucuses is at . I have not been able to find information on any other parties.

The simplest question I have been asked is, "Do you just show up?" The answer is emphatically, YES! Find the location and time of your precinct caucus, then just show up. Even if several precincts have been grouped together, delegates are elected by individual precincts - don't let the appearance of a crowd make you nervous.

It's easy, and it's fun. Plan to attend! AND, if you really want to have some impact, have a friend nominate you, and run to be a delegate.

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