Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Inexpensive Option for Can storage.........

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Okay, I'll admit it.  I splurged about a year ago and got the big brand-named can rotation system...that is freestanding.  Even thought I got a good price for the unit, it still was a bit "pricey".  So, when I saw these options, I had to let you know.

This company makes cardboard rotation organizers in 2 different sizes and you get 4 of the organizers priced from between $11.96 and $15.96 depending upon the size you choose to order.  Did you see that number....4 for that price? 

The "Cupboard" can hold the following  number of cans:

6 Pie filling

8 Vegetable

9 Soup

18 Tuna

The "Pantry" can hold the following number of cans:
13 Pie filling

16 Vegetable

18 Soup

39 Tuna

You "get" to assemble them yourself, but they provide you with a lovely Youtube video to help with that:

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Don't you just love options?


Shay said...

Do you know how it loads? Do you have to take all the cans out to get the new ones in the back or is there an opening in the back too?

The Little Red Hen said...

It loads from the front. If you watch the video, they actually load cans into the unit and you can see how it works. Essentially you load the cans in on the top and take them out on the bottom. Thanks for you question!

Shay said...

haha! I guess I could have figured that our if I'd taken 2 minutes to watch the video. I hadn't gotten that far. thanks!

Anonymous said...

These do allow the oldest product (on the bottom opening) to be used first, but after purchasing a set of each size I discovered they are not very space efficient for our needs. That is, I could stack 1-1/2 to 2 times more cans in the same space as one of these cardboard units used. If we had more space they'd be okay.

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 a couple of years ago and found the same thing. They take up quite a bit of room and they were too long for my pantry shelves. =( Gave them to my sister who has a bigger pantry.

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