Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Brigham Young University wants samples of vegetable oil from food storage

Vegetable oil is the latest staple of food storage to be tested by BYU Food Sciences.

The BYU Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences seeks samples of vegetable oil that has been in food storage for between six months and five years.

Christine Shearer, a graduate student in Food Science, is conducting a study under the supervision of professor Lynn V. Ogden about the how long vegetable oil can be kept in food storage before it should be replaced.
"When people store vegetable oil, it slowly goes through a chemical reaction until it becomes rancid," Sister Shearer said. "Most stuff is sold with an advertised shelf life of six months, but sometimes it tastes fine after three years. We want to find out which kinds of vegetable oil last the longest for food storage."

BYU Food Sciences has previously conducted similar studies on 12 different kinds of foodstuffs such as beans and rice that are commonly associated with food storage.

Residents of Utah or southern Idaho willing to provide samples of their food-storage vegetable oil may contact Ann Saunders at or 801-422-3912.

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