Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Week #2 of January.....Featured item......Honey

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It's the second week in January and the focus item to stock up on this week is Honey.

I have tried to get several different sources to give you choices about where you can purchase some. I would like to think that I have enough time to go to all the stores to get the pricing...but the reality is that I just don't. I also looked on line to find pricing at some of our local stores....some had it, others require you to go into the store even though they show that they have the item in stock. Still others actually answered their phones...some were helpful....others transferred my call into oblivion and played the "pass the buck" game as to who was really supposed to help me. So, if you don't see specific information listed below on a store that you might frequent....just know that I really tried!

  • Kohlers: Please see the email I sent to our ward for pricing.
  • Alpine Food Storage : 5 lbs for $14.00, 10 lbs for $25.00, and 45 lbs for $100.00. Please note that their pricing includes taxes. If you want to purchase from them, contact me and I can help get your order to them.
  • Good Earth Natural Foods: 5 lbs Raw Honey for $36.29, 2lbs & 10 oz for $26.79.
  • Alison's Pantry: Item #: 1307, Size: 4 lb. tub for $12.69. Item #: 1309, Size: 42 lb. pail for $122.39.
  • Emergency Essentials: #JC1-FS-H110, 9 lbs for $25.95 (on sale this usually cost over $30.00)
  • Macey's (Case lot pricing): Kroger Honey 16 oz - $2.40 each (case of 12 - $28.80)
  • Neighborhood Beekeeping (a Highland company) Raw Honey  2 lbs:  $7.95, 1 Gallon $44.95, 4 Gallonw $167.95
If you wonder what you could do with Honey, there are many uses. We all know about putting it on bread and toast, but it can be used in cooking in a variety of ways.
Get some today!

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