Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's week #3 in January....the target item is....Toilet Paper

(image courtesy of

Well, here we are at week #3 in January 2010. My thanks go out to those of you to emailed and called about last week's item, which was Honey. There are so many viewpoints on such a simple item. It is so nice that we can choose the type that we are most comfortable with.

The target item for this week, (and I never thought I would post a picture of this...ever) is.........Toilet Paper. I do not plan to do any sort of group purchase for this item as it is readily available in small and large packages. I loved the suggestion by Sister Diane L. She uses a Sharpie and dates the items after she purchases them from the grocery store. This way, she knows how long each item lasts. This would be a good system for your supply of Toilet paper.

You may also was to include extra if you have mischievous teenagers......they get a bit creative with this item as you know.

Lastly, here is how it is made. This is a video short from the Discovery Channel.


Anonymous said...

I love that you posted a picture of TP. Seriously, I don't want to have a year's supply without it. I find it very valuable in my daily life!! Just wanted to share that :-) Love, Betsy

The Little Red Hen said...

Thanks Betsy....this was the most "tasteful" picture I could find.

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