Saturday, January 23, 2010

News from Alison's Pantry...........

I received a flyer in the mail today.....that saddens me a bit. Here are excerpts from the flyer.

"You are a valued customer of Alison's Pantry and I am writing to inform you of a change in the way we will be handling your business. Changes are often difficult..... Our storefront will be closing on or near February 26, 2010."

"Costs and resources associated with running the store have caused us to rethink our retail outlet and required us to look for other options to serve you...."

"A local representative will be given your name to contact for future delivery of catalogs..."

"The only change for you is your pick up location will change...."
Now, having shared that, they are looking for Utah County Representatives to serve our area. If you are interested, the number is (801) 796-6411

I am sad to see this convenient and local option change as I loved being able to stop in whenever I had a need. This will be a big change for our area indeed.  I wish this local business my best.

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