Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's week #4 in January, and the focus this week is.....Shampoo

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I hope you got all stocked up on Toilet paper last week....and added a little extra for those family members who have a creative outlet:)

In regard to this week's item, it can be purchased at Club stores, Big Box stores, Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, and from Professional Salon's.  There are so many to choose from, that hopefully you can stock up on the brand you prefer.

Having a daughter who just passed her final examinations to become a Cosmetologist, I have heard plenty about all the things I have been doing wrong....lifelong! So, she takes pity on me and cuts, styles, and now has purchased Shampoo etc for me so that I can "do it right". I actually had someone ask me who did my hair, and I told her. She went to the school that my daughter attended, and liked the experience so much....that she is now attending the school. Isn't life is funny.

One thing that my daughter taught me is that if you use Professional Salon products, you actually use less per use, so the container lasts longer. With that being the case, I thought about how much less storage space I would need if I stored a years supply. She also taught me about the benefits of Professional products for my particular hair type. After using them, I have found that my hair is not difficult to comb through after showering, and it seems to want to obey me when I style it.

Also, if I have bottles or smaller items (for hair etc), I have found that putting them into a plastic container allows me to stack more things on my shelves.  I really despise wasted space.

So, figure out what works the best for your.....and get it!

Finally, I found this video from Style network on how to wash your hair.....if that is of interest to you:)

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