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Late Tuesday evening the Country of Haiti suffered a severe blow.  The situation there is grave.  One of the most needed and inaccessible items is....water.  They need everything, but it seems such a shame that many who survived this natural disaster may not survive as they do not have access to this simple liquid.

Please consider making a donation to the Red Cross ( and click on the "DONATE" button.  Also, you can automatically donate $10.00 by texting 90999 on your cell phone.

Now, after doing the above......GO LOOK AT YOUR WATER STORAGE!!!  See what you have, determine what you need.  Do you have water in your 72 hour kits?  Do you have 72 hour kits?  Do you have water in your vehicles?

Consider obtaining a water purifier. Imagine what parents could do for their children in a disaster with a water purifier.  If you have a you have extra cartridges?  Do you know how to use it?

Finally, learn how to store water.    See the information from  Click on "Family Home Storage" and then click on "Drinking Water".:

Take that quick inventory.  Be prepared for all sorts of emergencies by having your water storage.  Show your family that you care about them by having the life-sustaining of water on hand.

Finally, once you have water in a big drum, have you ever thought of how you were going to get it out? This instructional video is very helpful.

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Emergency Essentials has an emergency siphon that works really well. They also have a video with it. Just do a search for "siphon" at

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