Monday, June 8, 2009

The Poll results are in!!!!

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In regard to the poll on canning, the following results were posted:

  • "It terrifies me" 11%

  • "Only Grandmothers know how to do it" 11%

  • "I would like to learn more about it" 17%

  • "I use canning to help provide for my family" a whopping 58%!!!

So, it appears that just under half of the folks taking the poll may benefit from learning how to Can food to add to their "skill set" and over half already have done so.

So, if you are a member of the "Need to gain the skill group" find a friend or neighbor to help you learn. If you are a member of the "Already there group", use your training to provide good, healthful, nutritious food for your family.

Thank you for voting in our "Canning Poll"! Take a moment and vote in our new Poll focusing upon Emergencies without power. Thank you!!!

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