Sunday, June 7, 2009


(Photo courtesy of the "Canning Pantry")

We are revisiting Canning. Previously we have talked about Hot Water Bath Canning, and Pressure Cooker Canning in regard to the large equipment that is needed. Let's talk about the "hand tools".

Funnel: There are 2 different sizes of funnels, one for regular mouth jars and another for wide mouth jars. The purpose is to help the food enter the bottle with the least amount of mess and waste!! These are really necessary. Once, I lost my regular mouth funnel and needed it "right now". So, my resourceful husband took a traditional funnel out to his "chopsaw" and cut off the neck until the opening was large enough for a regular sized jaw opening. It worked! I still have it!

Tongs: These are necessary to move hot food from one place to another in a sanitary manner.

Jar lifter: This item is like a set a tongs, but it helps you safe place or take jars in and out of a canner. It keeps you from getting burned.

Magnetic Canning lid lifter: I love this item. In the past I would use a fork or tongs to lift sterilized lids out of boiling water. This tool has a magnet on the end of it that will safely take a lid out of boiling water and let you place it on the top of the jar prior to placing the ring on the jar. I know of a lady who made her own. She took a refrigerator magnet and glued it on the the end of a pencil. Very resourceful! However, I have the one pictured above and often clean it in the dishwasher.

Jar Wrench: This is used to tighten (or loosen) the rings on the jar. I don't have one of these...but I think I may need to go shopping....don't you think?

The entire kit, which you can purchase at big box stores, on-line, or at places like the Mending Shed runs about $13.00 to $15.00. It's a bargain. Get yours today as with any of these items, they are moving fast in light of the economy. Many people are choosing to be more self-sufficient and can do the same!

Happy Canning!

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