Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Missionary Tradition.....

I have this keyring that only comes out during certain periods of time.  When my oldest Son left on the plane to fly a couple of thousand miles away to serve his mission, I used this keyring until he came home safely.

When my middle son flew a few thousand more miles away from home to serve his mission, I pulled it out again and used it until he came safely home.

Now, I have had this keyring back in service for the past 15 months.  It will remain in place until my youngest son returns safely home.  

With my daughters now married, I got to thinking.....when or how would I ever use this again.  I decided that I am married to a really big kid....so I could use it again when we went on our mission.

With all kidding aside, I love having this simple reminder that I am a Missionary Mom, and am so humbled to be one.  It reminds me to be grateful for yet another wonderful son who chose to serve the Lord in his vineyard for 2 years.

Friends find this little reminder to be a great idea, and have asked where I got it.  Sadly, I got it in South Carolina a long time ago.  But, I point out that it would be simple enough to make one on your own that is similar to it.

Just my "Missionary Mom" moment for the day!

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