Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's a Matter of Being Successfully Prepared for a Job Interview.

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Well, you may wonder why would write a post about Job Interviews. The fact of the matter is that I have been interviewing to fill several positions for the past 4-5 months. Thankfully, I have had many individuals with the appropriate training who did apply.  However, I have been very challenged in finding the candidates that were the right fit for the openings I was trying to fill.

I was so 'surprised' to have professionals do the following:
  • Ask me to find them childcare so that they could work.  I tried not to look shocked by this request.  I would never make a decision or suggest anyone to care for another person's child in an interview setting.  The parent is uniquely qualified to make decisions for the care and safety of their children.  
  • Tell me about many of their failed love interests over the past years as if we were close girlfriends.  Again, I tried to keep a straight face.  If this individual was comfortable sharing very personal details in an interview situation, what would they be comfortable sharing in a work setting.  In addition, how would that reflect on our company.
  • Show up to an interview for a professional position in Capri's and tennis shoes.  Really!!!  By now, I should be getting an Academy Award for my 'straight face' position.  This person's hair looks like she gave it 30 seconds of her day. 
  • Ask me the answers to the questions I had asked them.  If you don't know the answer....Please say that!  Tell what you know for sure, and don't guess!
  • Share information about their conduct in the past that was very unethical as if it didn't matter.  REALLY!!!!
  • Asking for more money than the market can bear.  This means, asking for twice the money that any facility pays in this area...PERIOD!!!  Also doing so in Capri's and Tennis shows as well.  I think I needed an Oscar for that one!
  • Give References who don't even know who the candidate is.  Yes, I really do check with them!  Imagine how awkward those phone calls were.
  • Give correct email addresses or phone numbers for your references.  It really does matter!
  • Interview even though they knew their Licensure and Certification were not current.
What did the successful candidates do?
  • Came prepared in professional dress.  Either Pants or Skirts/Dresses are fine with me....just look like the professional you are professing to be.
  • Had references who could speak very specifically about the skill sets the candidate had.
  • Had the appropriate licensure and certifications current.  They were willing to show evidence that this was true.
  • Knew their market and requested a wage that was appropriate for their level of training and experience.
  • Shared only the information they knew for sure and stated that they were willing to either brush-up or learn the information they needed.
  • Were clear that they needed to give their former employer adequate notice. This is so important, if they are willing to leave another company without notice, they would have no problem doing it to your company either.
There are many other things I could list, but I choose not to.  However, I strongly suggest that you learn what Behavioral Interviewing is.  This method requires the candidate to share specific experiences that have actually happened.    Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  Here is a nice list of questions that any candidate would do well with in an interview if they rehearse them ahead of time.  

So, in the preparedness mindset, you need to have skills/training, and interview skills to be employed.  Never, never assume that anything less than a professional appearance or conduct will be 'okay'.


Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing the job interviewing tips. You had some great and practical advice.

The Little Red Hen said...

Thanks, I hope that it helps!

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