Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday...Happy Anniversary...etc

It's Sunday afternoon, and the weather is lovely.  We had the opportunity to attend the Brigham City Temple Dedication in our Stake Center today. As such, we didn't have additional meetings to attend.  So, we invited extended family members to have dinner and spend time together.

Do you see the beautiful Patio Bar we have in our back yard?  Isn't is great?  Well, Rooster Senior built it for me....because I wanted it.  Yes, I'll admit it....I really wanted it.  It started out as an Anniversary gift, then morphed into a Birthday gift...and may become my Christmas gift. (Just kidding a bit).

The bar has beautiful stone and tile for the counter top.  Not only does it house the Grill, but also 2 storage areas....and a fireplace!  Again, isn't it great?  (By-the-way, Rooster Senior has kept that Fireplace for years just in case he had a re-model or other construction job that could utilize it.  I finally decided I would use it....and I wouldn't be storing it for someone else anymore!)

Okay, let's talk about the preparedness aspect to this, because there really is one or two.  Even though we purchased this grill to run on Propane, my husband changed it over to Natural Gas...which will also fuel the fireplace.  He ran the Natural Gas line into the bar, so you cannot see the mechanics of it.  It is important to know that in my husband's opinion and experience, he states that when power goes out, Natural Gas traditionally is still available.  That is why our cook top in the kitchen is run by Natural Gas.  However, our ovens are Electric.  So, if we did loose power and we wanted or needed to bake, we could bake in our grill.  Go here to see my post on baking bread in my grill.

In addition, this will be my summer kitchen.  What does that mean?  Well, when I am in the throws of canning, I will use my 3 burner Gas Grill and place it perpendicular to the fireplace on the patio.  I can put my jars that need to cool on the cool tile, and most of all, keep the heat from the Canner outside of my house during the summer months.

So, although it looks and performs wonderfully for family gatherings outside, I really do plan on using it for other purposes.  

Who says being prepared can't be cool?


Lenore said...

Gorgeous! You lucky gal! It was worth storing the fireplace, right?

The Little Red Hen said...

Now that we have are right about storing that big-ole fireplace. However, when it was just acting as a boat anchor....well, I had second thoughts. You and your family will have to come over and try it out with us!

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