Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's a matter of repairing damaged surfaces for finished wood.

You have been there....sitting in the pews at church.  You look down, and see the nicks and scratches on the legs or edges of these beautiful wooden benches.  

As many of you know by now, Rooster Senior and I serve in a Young Single Adult Ward.  Many of these YSA wards meet in buildings with double chapels. You would think that these buildings would avoid many of the sad realities of damage that comes with little ones navigating about in the building. However, it just isn't the truth.  

As a service project yesterday, Rooster Senior taught a number of our YSA brothers and sisters how to repair these surfaces so that their beauty shines forth again.  Here is one of the strategies.

This is the same pew as above, but a little bit of gel-stain has been brushed on the nick and it virtually disappeared.  Brush with the grain and wipe of any excess with a dry cloth.  

What to see the magic again?

At first, I though the wood had just split...but to my husband's trained eye, he knew it was damage from a pen or stylus.  The grooves were rather deep.

Here, I applied the gel-stain (that had been matched to this wood beforehand)

Here is the after picture.  Isn't it amazing?

After a Regional Conference today, we received this nice note from the High Counselor who cares for the buildings:

Thank you (Rooster Senior), and the 153rd ward, for the beautiful stain touch-up work in our building!  We have a fresh new look today for the conference, and for the coming dedication next week.  You have set a high standard for the other cleaning that will take place in our building over the coming week.

We will be "attending" the dedication of the Brigham City Temple ....virtually.  Our Chapel will be a type of 'extension' of the Temple next Sunday, and it will take a Temple Recommend to enter the building.

Our YSA's were not only serving the Lord, but they have gained a few new skills that they will be in a position to use on the furniture in their own homes both now and in the future.  

Learning new skills is great,  isn't it?

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