Friday, January 18, 2013

Where am I going to put ......

Have you ever asked yourself "Where am I going to put this?"   It happens often to me, and to many others who are making the decision to become more self reliant.  I have shared several ideas with you over the years. Here are some of my 'favs':

  1. Freezer Organization.  I still use this method and it helps me know what I have and don't have in a very short period of time.  It helps me build my shopping or gardening list.
  2. Organizing "Food Storage Style".  This is really how my sister lives.  I could live there too!
  3. Organizing "Food Storage Style" in a Storage Room.  This is a real food storage room that they build/organized themselves.  As crazy as this sounds, it is a thing of beauty.
  4. Inexpensive Can Organizer.  This is great for those who are on a budget.
  5. One of my "all-time favorites" is this post on under-the-bed-storage.  It's amazing how much you can store under a bed!
  6. I just love my little "Root Cellar" that I keep in my Pantry.  
  7. I love how much I can fit into my pantry using method.  It's easy to find what you are looking for as you can alphabetize or use categories to quickly find what you are looking for. 
However, today I just want to suggest that you think 'up'.  You may have cabinets that have a top shelf that you do not use on a daily basis.  If you are stuck looking for a place to store items that you need on occasion.....look up.

The goal is not to put your canned or dry goods out of reach.  The goal is to find places that you can put them and have them available to you when you need them.  Instead of old cookie jars, vases from flower bouquets from days-gone-by, consider putting food items that have a longer shelf-life 'up there'.  In this particular will still see them every time you set the table!

Consider it!

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