Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm getting lessons...

My husband came home from his Church Meetings tonight and asked if I had heard about the mother in Georgia who defended herself and her two children when an intruder broke into their home with a crowbar. He said that he heard the 911 call and wanted me to listen to it as well.  Then, he proceeded to talk with me about...... essentially taking gun lessons.

"I have had lessons before", I told him.  "But you were only a kid"...which is true.  I was so little that when I fired the gun, I fell over backwards.  This happened more than once.  Now mind you, when our family goes camping, target shooting is one of the things we do.....I just don't do it much as I watch everyone else and help pick up the casings when we are done.

Well, we watched the video and heard the husband say "shoot him again"...."remember what I taught you".  The interesting thing about this situation is that the husband had taken his wife to the shooting range, and taught her what to do very recently (in my understanding).  While he was on the phone with his wife, he was also calling the police and relaying to the 911 operator what was happening.  Remarkably, the intruder lived, but she reportedly shot him several times.....including in the face.

Well, I got an immediate lesson on where our firearms were and how to shoot one in particular.  He was serious.  I think I am going to be taking more instruction.....and soon.  My husband is right, I just have to stop pretending it couldn't happen here.

Listen to this 911 call....put yourself in this woman's shoes, and decide if you are ready to defend yourself and your family.  

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