Friday, January 4, 2013

New Pricing List for Family Home Storage Centers

Image courtesy of wildriverrouges

The FAMILY HOME STORAGE CENTER PRODUCTS list has been posted with several pricing changes.  (The comparisons below correspond to the 2010 pricing as that is the last I had record of).

Pricing increases appear in several of the following:

  • Black Beans:  Was $13.20 for 25 lbs and is now $16.30.  In fact, all of the bean prices have increased.
  • Non-Fat Milk:  Was $41.65 for 25 lbs and is now $47.20
  • Macaroni:  Was $16.50 for 20 lbs and is now $20.25
Pricing decreases appear for several items including the following:  

  • White Flour:  Was $10.30 for 25 lbs and is now $8.85
  • Prepared LDS Family reports: A 25 lb. bag of white flour went down from $13.30 to $8.85 since 2012.
Please keep in mind that we have experienced a drought, so prices will fluctuate.  In addition, these prices are generally very, very reasonable.  

You can see the new pricing list at this link.

Additionally, to find a Family Home Storage Center (i.e. LDS Cannery) location, please follow this link.  


Twisted Chicken said...

Thanks for this info. I live close to canneries (I'm in Salt Lake) but it has been more than 15 years since I've been to one. Back then, I went with my sister's ward and we had to pre-order what we wanted then we had an appointment to pack our stuff. I've heard they don't do it that way anymore but I haven't heard how it works now. Can you share how we can purchase product now? Thanks!

The Little Red Hen said...

See the link in the above post and find the closest Center. Call and see if they have the product you are wanting on hand. If not, they can order it. If you want it in bulk (25 lbs), you may just be able to go and purchase it. If you want it in cans, sign up for a shift or two and can it. When you call, schedule a shift for yourself. It's very simple in my view and I am glad you are looking into this. BTW, I loved your name! Good Luck!

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