Sunday, December 16, 2012

In light of recent events......

I never want to feel like do not have options.  To avoid this, educating yourself about things you can and should do in different situation becomes paramount.  Not that this video could have changed the outcome of Friday's tragic event, you can see elements of this video that did take place.  One of the heroic teachers, Vicki Soto, hid her students in closets and told the gunman that they were in Gym class.  Many of the teachers followed the drill that they had practiced in case of an emergency. They placed their students in a protected corner, turn out the lights, and locked the door.  A 6-year-old had the presence of mind to lead several students out of harms way and out of the school.   Finally, Principal Dawn Hochsprung  reportedly lunged at the gunman in an effort to protect her beloved students.

If these individuals had not taken the steps that they did, who knows how many more victims there may have been?

Take a moment and 'educate' yourself by watching this video.  Become aware, not paranoid.  Perhaps you can save a life in a time of conflict....which may be your own.

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