Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things....Shedding Light on the Subject

Image Courtesy of Dollar Tree
I am continuing my little series of "my favorite things" that can be used as gifts for yourself or for others.  We have all seen these little solar lights for the yard. I even picked some of them up at the Dollar Store a couple of years ago. Why would I have these for Emergency Preparedness?  Well, they recharge with sunlight....and can be a light for you if your power goes out.  They can be placed in a tall glass on the counter/table to help light up your room.  There are no oils, flames, or additional equipment required.  These happen to be small, but you can purchase larger ones.  And, an added bonus, they can charge your rechargeable batteries during the day if you need to use them for something else at night.  Such a little work-horse for a very small price.

Consider it!


Trisa said...

I have several of these lights and have used them in an emergency. How do you use them to charge batteries?

The Little Red Hen said...

If you open yours, they most likely have rechargeable batteries in them. So, if you have more rechargeable batteries, you can use the lights to charge them during the day. Thanks for your comment! Merry Christmas!

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